Kean US New Support Portal (Submit a Ticket to Kean US OCIS)

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      Kean US HELPDESK contact number:    (001) 908-737-6000


       Our New Support Portal is Here!

The Office of Computer Services has launched a new self-service support portal. The portal will be the central hub for all of your Kean technology needs, letting you manage all of your tickets and service requests in one convenient place, read helpful articles, and more! The portal can be accessed at

Detailed help articles and demonstrations will be on the portal to help you get started. For now, check out the list of features below, or click the image below for our virtual video tour:

Video address is :


What Can I Do On The Support Portal?


1) Browse our Solutions for information and steps to resolve common issues.

2) Reset your password

3) Request a service or file forms, such as requesting new equipment, requesting event support & live streaming, installing software, or adjusting accounts and access.

4) Raise a ticket for an issue whether it’s affecting you or someone else, all through a simple digital form.

5) Review your tickets and add your own notes to give updates or correspond with us.

6) Get remote support as soon as a technician is available.

7) Edit your own profile to verify our records and inform us of any additional information that could help us assist you, such as hours of availability.

8) For supervisors – sign off on any requests that require your approval.

9) For hiring managers – File for onboarding of new employees and their resource needs.

10) View announcements posted to the campus, such as planned service outages.

NOTE: Due to security policies and FERPA regulations, a phone call is still required to reset most passwords.


Can I still call OCIS?

Our Help Desk phone lines will remain open for our normal business hours. A ticket will be created from every phone call.

Can I still e-mail

As of September 1st 2021, OCIS will no longer accept tickets through e-mail. All tickets must be submitted through the support portal or through the Helpdesk (by phone or in-person).

The support portal will be able to route tickets to the appropriate technicians; there is no need to directly e-mail staff to raise a ticket as e-mail submissions will no longer be accepted.

No matter how the ticket is submitted, you can receive updates for tickets in your e-mail inbox, and you may reply directly to those e-mails without even logging into the portal.

If you have any issues accessing the support portal please contact the Helpdesk by phone or an in-person visit