How to access WKU Email & Kean Email

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WKU Email    温肯邮箱

    Step 1   步骤 1 

Open a browser (Chrome is recommended)to access Then click "MY WKU"

打开浏览器(推荐谷歌浏览器),输入,点击My WKU

    Step 2   步骤 2 

a. Enter your WKU Email username and password.

    a. 输入温肯邮箱账号和密码。

b. SMS way: Get verification code via phone number and login.

    b. 短信方式:手机短信接收验证码然后登录。

c. Enterprise WeChat way: Get verification code via Enterprise WeChat and login.

    c. 企业微信方式:企业微信接收验证码然后登录。


Note: 注意:

If you are on the WKU campus, connect to the WKU school Wifi. Then, it will not need extra Authentication.


If you are off campus, connect to the Cisco Anyconnect VPN. Then, it will not need extra Authentication.

    如果你在校外,连接Cisco Anyconnect VPN,则也无需额外验证。

Bind phone number:绑定手机:

For students: Please contact your RHD to change the phone number.


For Faculty and Staff: You can change your phone number in the OA system. Or you can contact HR Emerald ( to add the phone number.


Bind Enterprise WeChat (WeCom): 绑定企业微信:

Scan the QR Code below to bind Enterprise WeChat (WeCom).



    Step 3   步骤 3 

Click EMAIL. You are all set.



    Step 4   步骤 4 

Click 'Outlook' to check emails.



Kean Email    美肯邮箱

    Step 1   步骤 1  

Open a browser (Chrome is recommended)to access


Note: You also can log in to Canvas and Kean Wise by this page.
    注意: 你也可以在这个页面登录Canvas和Keanwise。


    Step 2  步骤 2  

Enter the your Kean account username and password.



    Step 3   步骤 3    

The rest is Okta Verify issue. Please view the link below.

    接下去是Okta Verify验证,请查看以下链接中的说明。

Okta - Enroll in Okta Verify:

    Okta Verify的相关说明:

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