How to download SAS

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The SAS software is large. So it is recommended that you carry a U disk (≥32GB) to the SLAC 3rd floor Library Service Desk to copy the installation package of this software.


SAS, which stands for Statistical Analysis System, is a statistical software suite developed by SAS Institute for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, criminal investigation, and predictive analytics.

Directions to get SAS working on your desktop/laptop

1. SAS installation guide. (Please read carefully before downloading. )

2. Download (For Windows x64 with more than 30GB storage. Please login with your account.)

  • Click the link to download the installation package.

  • Click the link to download the license file. (This is used for activation)

  • If you have trouble downloading the files, you can visit SLAC Library Service Desk to get digital copies from the library staff.

*License Renewal

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Library via

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SAS软件较大,建议您携带U盘 (≥32GB) 到SLAC三楼图书馆服务台拷贝该软件的安装包。

SAS (Statistical Analysis System)是一个模块化、集成化的大型应用软件系统。它由数十个专用模块构成,功能包括数据访问、数据储存及管理、应用开发、图形处理、数据分析、报告编制、运筹学方法、计量经济学与预测等等。SAS系统基本上可以分为四大部分:SAS数据库部分;SAS分析核心;SAS开发呈现工具;SAS对分布处理模式的支持及其数据仓库设计。


1. 温州肯恩大学 SAS 安装指南(下载安装前请仔细阅读)


  • 压缩包下载地址点击此链接

  • 激活文件下载地址点击此链接

  • 如果出现下载错误,可前往SLAC图书馆服务台向图书馆工作人员拷贝完整的下载包。



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