How to use WiFi on campus

陈奕余Created at:Aug 10, 2022 10:00:14Updated at:Sep 13, 2023 14:30:40

1. The WiFi in campus for Faculty as below

  •     WKU-FACULTY.  Password for WKU-FACULTY is kean1855.

  •     WKU-STAFF. Password for WKU-STAFF  is wenzhoukean.

2. WKU-FACULTY already contain VPN. So you could access Google, Facebook and Youtube by this SSID. WKU-STAFF is regular network. Some weisite such as Youtube can not access by this SSID.

Step 1

Please click the“bar”on the bottom right corner of the desktop


Step 2

Choose one SSID on your device. It will ask you enter a password. This password is only required the first time to connect.

  • Password for WKU WKU-FACULTY : kean1855

  • Password for WKU WKU-STAFF : wenzhoukean

Step 3

Please open a browser (preferably Google Chrome). Go to any website, or go to You will see the Login Authentication Page. Please fill in your network username and password, then click “Log In”.


Please see the insruction below to bind your devices with your network account. This is importmant and convenience for you to use Wifi in campus everyday. You need not login everyday after you do the binding work.


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