How to use WKU VISITOR in campus (如何在校园使用访客网络)

陈奕余Created at:Jan 15, 2021 14:42:11Updated at:Mar 02, 2023 11:11:19

How to use WKU VISITOR network in campus


Step 1  Connect to WKU Wifi. Choose WKU-VISITOR

第一步  连接校园网络,选择WKU-VISITOR


Step 2  System will go to login page after you connect WKU VISITOR. Then please enter your phone number and message code. Click login. You are all set.

第二步  网络连接成功后,系统自动弹出认证页面(如下),然后填写手机号码,和短信验证码,点击登陆,连接成功


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