How to use the device of Faculty Lounge

陈奕余Created at:Sep 13, 2022 15:16:24Updated at:Sep 23, 2022 10:55:18

Step1. Turn on the computer first, and then turn on the power timing controller.


Step2. Use the remote control to turn on the projector.


Step3. Long press the ‘mute’ button for three seconds to turn on the microphone.


Step4. Volume controller


  •     A: Volume of the microphone

  •     B: Volume of the TV

  •     C: Volume of the computer

  •     D: Main Volume

Step5. Video Switching Adapter


    Area1: HDMI INPUT

  •     input1: TV

  •     input2:  Computer


    Area2: HDMI OUTPUT

  •     output A: Projector


    In this photo, light A-2 is on, which means that the data from the input2 (computer) is transforming to output A (projector).

    You can press the ‘A’ button to switch to A-1 (TV set).

Step6.TV channels

    Aim at the infrared detector and press the button on the remote control to switch the channel.


Step7. Shut down

  • 7.1 Turn off the projector first.

    Press the green button once and wait a few seconds. Then the projector will turn off.


  • 7.2 Then Turn off the power timing controller.


  • 7.3 Turn off the computer at last.

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