Kean US New Support Portal (Submit a Ticket to Kean US OCIS)

陈奕余Created at:Aug 10, 2022 10:28:38Updated at:May 14, 2024 15:09:20

Please see the link below


1). 打开网站

2). 点击Sign in    

3). 登录美肯账号(如果自己登录不了,让你的同学朋友登录他的美肯账号,帮你代发Ticket)

4). 点击New Ticket

5). 按说明填写相关信息并提交

②也可以直接给美肯打国际电话解决相关问题:(001) 908-737-6000

①Submit a Ticket to Kean US OCIS:

1). Open the URL:

2). Click Sign in

3). Log in with your Kean account (If you can't log in your Kean acount, ask your classmate or friend to log in to his or her Kean account and submit a Ticket for you.)

4). Click New Ticket

5). Fill in the relevant information and submit.

② Or you can call Kean US OCIS at (001) 908-737-6000

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