Use Camera and Mic in classroom for online class support

陈奕余Created at:May 20, 2022 11:36:19Updated at:Sep 04, 2022 11:22:48

      WKU IT have equiped Camera and MIC in all classroom. Please follow the guide below to start Zoom or BlackBoard for your online class or conference in classroom. 

Click the link below to view how to use classroom's Mic and Camera on your laptop. 

  1. Turn on the power by your campus card  in classroom and all device will be automatically power on. 

  2. Mic is placed on the podium. And Camera is on the back wall of classroom. Please do not move Mic and Camera. Faculty just need to plug the USB cable where is on the podium to your laptop. This USB cabel contains Mic and Camera.


  3. Start your online class by Zoom or Blackboard on your laotop. And choose the correct Mic and Camera in your Zoom or BB system.

  4. You can control the camera by the remote controller. 


  5. Please see the instruction below to sign up Zoom by your Kean US Email. 

  6. Please access to learn how to use Zoom.


For IT Support, please contact IT Service Desk:


Or call: 55870707 (ex.710707)

Or visit our office:  Public space of GEH D

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